When designing our logo, we wanted to convey hope, strength, and new beginnings. We believe we found that in Sprout!

SHE Sprout

Breaking through difficult terrain, a tiny Sprout seeks out warmth, nourishment, and stability as it begins to grow. A client placing their first hotline phone call hopes for the same things – the warmth of a friendly voice, nourishment through the support of an ally, and the stability of a safe home.

Gaining strength, the Sprout begins to take root, flourish, and spread its leaves. Through counseling and individualized services, Shelter clients are provided with the tools needed to help them create new lives for themselves and their children - free from their abusers.

Sprouts represents new life, a new beginning. The Shelter is honored to be a part of our clients’ journeys from victim to survivor as they begin to take control back of their own lives, make decisions for themselves, and thrive in their own new beginnings!