For the tens of thousands of women who will spend Mother’s Day in domestic violence shelters, the day will be one to simply celebrate peace and safety for themselves and their children. And some women trapped in abusive relationships will only wish that at least on Mother’s Day — one day a year — they could find some respite from abuse.

Instead of flowers and brunch, consider honoring your mother this Mother’s Day with a gift that shows you care about all women. Your donation of $45 to the Shelter for Help in Emergency will provide one night of safe housing and support services, one night when a woman can sleep without fear and a child will not be awakened to witness terrifying abuse.

And perhaps you’d like to honor other women who have given you love and support – the friend who has stood beside you through all the major storms of your life, whose very presence creates a safe harbor, or the sister you can call at any hour, whose door is always open.

Honor your mother or another special woman on Mother’s Day and help break the cycle of domestic violence. Make a donation to the Shelter for Help in Emergency, and we will send a card to the woman you have chosen to honor, notifying her that your gift helped a woman take a step toward a safer life. A gift of $45 will help the Shelter to provide one night of safe housing, counseling and support for a woman in crisis. If you choose, you may donate additional nights of shelter at $45 each. For more information call (434) 963-4676.

Download the Mother’s Day flyer